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You've read the first volume and learned the powerful system
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From: Malcolm Boone

Dear fellow photographer,

One of the most popular forms of photography is portraiture. Whether you are an enthusiastic amateur or a seasoned professional you will almost certainly have been asked to capture someone's image. However, so will almost every other photographer. If you want your work to stand out in the crowd you need the ability to produce images that are in a different league. Every photographer knows that a portrait should show more than just a person's physical appearance. A good portrait should also convey some of the character and spirit of the person. How many of your competitors know how to do this? Do you?

If you've read Volume One you'll know a lot more about posing than most. You should be able to produce a pose in almost any situation and come up with variations on that pose too. But can you use your poses to convey attitude and character? Can you add distinction to your work? Do you have a consistent step-by-step method that enables you to extend the types of poses you can produce?

Now YOU Can Build on a Foundation and Take Your Portraits to New Heights!

If you've learnt the principles given in Volume One you have laid a foundation that enables you to produce a pose for any situation. But is it the very best pose? Do you have an effective method to make you fully aware of the range of possible poses?

To move your portrait photography to the next level you need a simple system that you can use while in the studio or on location that produces an abundance of possible, effective poses. To make your portraits more insightful you need the ability to add those subtle changes that can effectively convey a person's character, spirit and mood.

Now with Posing Secrets - The Photographer's Essential Guide Vol.2 you can discover a simple checklist for stimulating further posing ideas that is easy to remember and apply. It even enables you to consider the factors in addition to the pose that will influence your picture. This second, advanced level volume also explains how you can pose your model so that the portrait reveals your model's character, feelings, attitudes, even their station in life. You will also discover a step-by-step method that will enable you to progress beyond the content and examples of these two volumes.

Like Volume One this easy to read, simple to follow book uses more innovative illustrations and example photos to show you what to look for when posing your model.

If you've read Volume One you've already shown a commitment to improve. Don't lose this opportunity to strengthen the advantage the first book has given you.

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Discover How to Grow Your Reputation As a Photographer.

If portrait photography is your hobby, imagine the pride you'll feel as people rank your work alongside or even above that of a professional. Gain confidence and really begin to enjoy your photography as you win acclaim for your talent, skill and ability.

If you already photograph models as a professional, this resource can give you the skills to grow your business and leave your competitors standing. Better portraits can only increase your customer satisfaction, your reputation and ultimately your income.

At the moment you can apply the skills you found in Volume One to produce a range of poses. This will place you favorably among other photographers. However if you want your photographic posing abilities to progress to the next level in the shortest time and really stand out from the crowd you will need Volume Two to show you the way. Photography Posing Secrets - The Photographers Essential Guide

In Volume 2 you will discover:

  • The easy 5 point countdown that will help you arrange variations of any pose anywhere.
  • How to use twisting to change body proportions and flatter your models.
  • How to vary 2 key angles and 3 key lines to produce better sitting and kneeling poses.
  • The 4 levels of tension a model can show.
  • The 3 camera views that emphasize or underplay a pose.
  • The standing position variable that is often forgotten by other photographers.
  • How you can pose the body so it speaks of the character within.
  • The step-by-step process to continually get great ideas for poses.

Make the most of the progress you have made with Volume One by building on your model posing ability with the advanced methods in Volume Two.

This resource is a brand new digitally downloadable product that is immediately accessible. You can order it securely right now.

This is information you're unlikely to find in any course on photography. And it will not cost you the $200 or more that such courses usually charge. Nor are you likely to find these advanced methods explained in any of the $50 photography books at your local bookstore. For a limited period you can order your copy of Volume Two for only $19.97. You can obtain your copy right now because Volume Two is a digitally downloadable product that is immediately accessible, just like Volume One.

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I am so convinced that Posing Secrets - The Photographer's Essential Guide Vol. 2 will help you improve your portraits that I am offering the following guarantee. Try it out for 8 weeks and if it doesn't improve your ability to produce better poses I will refund the purchase price immediately. No questions asked. No small print. No hidden clauses.

It's Time to Move to Advanced Level. Try The Book NOW.

The future quality of your portraiture depends on whether you decide to build on your current skills. This book will move you beyond the poses given in Volume One. It turns from basic principles to creative variations and will give you the insight to produce truly outstanding portraits.

Don't miss out on this special offer. Take a look at how you can move your portrait photography forward without risking a dime. Get Posing Secrets - The Photographer's Essential Guide Vol.2, instantly downloadable to your computer so you can be reading it in just a few moments.

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P.S. This resource can grow your reputation as a portrait photographer by helping you master the ability to generate more poses and increase the effectiveness of your portraits. Your work will stand out from the crowd whether you are an amateur or professional portrait taker. Just try it out now. . .completely at my risk.

Read What People Have To Say About Posing Secrets -
The Photographer's Essential Guide Vol.2

From: Matthew Porter


This stuff is A-W-E-S-O-M-E! I've spent literally hundreds of dollars on posing books and guides in the past 5 years (most with a notable Photographic publisher via a very well known online book store), and this is by FAR the best guide to posing I've ever seen!

Your simple, easy to understand style and handy "memory joggers" are priceless. Honestly, I think you're charging too little. I strongly suggest you put the price up to over $100, especially since this will help lock out my competition! :)"

Matthew Porter

From: Eric R Hann - JEBKA Photography

Posing Secrets Volume 2 is a must read.

Starting where Volume 1 left off, Volume 2 gets into the minute details of understanding how the body talks through your photographs.

As you work with this "must have" volume, you will soon be counting 5,4,3,2,1 click.

Where great posed shots used to be an accident and good was simply good enough, Posing Secrets Volume 2 provides the details so that great shots are no longer accidental. Instead, they are well planned and executed.

Whether you are a professional model photographer or just simply want to improve your technique on family photos, Posing Secrets will provide the advanced skills you need.

Eric R Hann
JEBKA Photography

From: Norman Best


I found your 'Posing Secrets Vol 2' to be another excellent publication, every bit as helpful and informative as Vol 1.

I have collected many books on portrait photography but I have adopted your two volumes as my number one reference manuals. I would not hesitate to recommend your 'Posing Secrets Vol 1 and Vol 2' to anyone with an interest in portraiture especially if they are striving for artistically better portraits.

Kindest regards,


From: Fred Haynie

Thank you Malcolm for all your hard work in writing these two volumes of Posing Secrets. I am in the process of setting up my studio and have already used a large number of your tips as I learn more about Portrait Photography.


Posing Secrets Vol. 2 is the perfect companion to Volume 1. Malcolm presents his 'secrets' in easy to follow language with splendid diagrams to refer to.

By following his step by step guide it becomes easy to influence the pose of your 'model' and give even the most simple portrait picture the WOW! factor.

For any photographer who wants to improve their portrait skills - these books are an essential buy.

Paul Cookson