Photography Posing Secrets Vol.1

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From: William Simpson []

I find this book very helpful in photographing models. One of the hardest things to do is to pose the model and determine what to do with the arms, hands, etc. This book helped me break down the body so I look at the subject in pieces instead of the whole body. I can now look at each part of the body separately and pose it and end up with a great pose. Thank you for such a great book, it was well worth purchasing.


William Simpson

From: Rick Staples []


I am shocked at how easy it is to create portraits of people after reading your book and putting the tricks into practice. By making a few minor modifications in the angles, etc., it creates a much more beautiful and natural flowing photograph. Thank you so much.

Rick Staples

From: Steve Glenn []

Posing secrets is a very valuable investment. It has given me the confidence to pose people with understanding. The examples and the knowledge given helps me not to rely exclusively on posing books while I am doing a shoot for a model. I can easily come up with my own interesting poses.


Steve Glenn

From: Darren Moore []

You have given us the building blocks of body posture that we needed to create our own poses in any given situation.

Anybody can copy someone else's work, but through your book you have now provided us with the opportunity to be creative in our portrait photography.



From: Dave Russell []

I read numerous books on photography but none explained the art of posing models nearly as well as Posing Secrets Vol. 1. I can honestly say I am more knowledgeable and confident than ever. Your book was an awesome place to start!


Dave Russell

From: Keith Grech []

I want to thank you for your book. It really helps me out when I'm out there shooting. The book is easy to read and understandable and I never knew that with this information I could improve my pictures dramatically.

Best Regards

Keith Grech

From: Kermit Olson []

Your book has simplified so much for me. Now I have the confidence to direct my models to get poses I want, instead of hoping to get a good shot from them.

From: Michael Davis []

I would like to say how simple it [PosingSecrets Vol.1] is to follow. The diagrams are clear and to the point, and the text is easy reading.

Many thanks

Michael Davis

From: Ken Tucker []

I must admit initially I was wondering if the purchase would be a waste of money. I have not found that to be the case at all. I have found the book to be very informative and it has given me new ideas for poses.

Ken Tucker

From: Roy Duquette []

I have begun studying and using the techniques explained in this volume and am already seeing a vast improvement in my work. The information is very detailed and easy to comprehend.

From: Beth Berk []

Hi Malcolm,

I really love your Posing Secrets book. Since my husband and I are just starting our business, it is chock full of advice and tips for posing our portrait subjects. This book is a must have for anyone that is doing photography as a business. Excellent resource!


Beth Berk, Buffalo, WY

From: Jeff Klofft []

One of the things I liked about Posing Secrets was that it started by discussing the geometry of the human body as a whole. Too many other posing guides talk about how to pose the feet or the arms, but never discuss the overall body positioning. I also like that each chapter ended with a summarization of the topic for both model and photographer.

From: Stefan Edwards []

It will be a reference manual for me for some time to come and I look forward to seeing further publications from you in the near future.

All the best,

Stefan Edwards

From: Melanie Miller []

I do like the figures to illustrate poses - actual poses of people might detract from the simplicity of posing. Without lighting, etc. the illustrations show you the basic pose.


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